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For 24 hours beginning 5pm on April 10

Celebrating 50 years is no guarantee that a local arts organization will sustain this economic climate. We need and value your support. The costs associated with performances are significantly higher than the revenue from ticket sales. For example:

  • Professional dancers must rehearse daily. Their body is their instrument, and they must stay in shape to protect themselves from injury and expand their artistic expression. They require a full-time salary and health care.

  • One pair of pointe shoes costs about $100. A professional dancer can use 20-30 shoes per season.

  • A live orchestra is made up of close to 50 paid musicians costing approximately $16,000 per performance.

  • Theatre rental costs exceed $32,000 for the space and stagehands per performance.

These are just examples of finances involved in bringing a performance to the stage. Performances are only one aspect of The Tallahassee Ballet.

  • We nurture young dancers from ALL economic communities within our area through our DanceChance outreach program with no-cost dance instruction.

  • We provide school children with performances at significantly reduced prices.

  • We provide an outlet for artists to earn a living in their fields.

  • We provide a safe place for young people to learn how to be contributing members of a community, boost self-confidence, and gain appreciation for their bodies.

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