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The Tallahassee Ballet, established in 1972, is a regional nonprofit dance company featuring a diverse repertory of classical and contemporary ballets performed by professional and emerging professional dancers.  The Tallahassee Ballet stimulates appreciation of the dance arts through a variety of exceptional annual productions, as well as education and community outreach.


The Tallahassee Ballet’s leadership is made up of an active Board of Directors, a full-time Chief Executive Officer, a Development Director, support staff, and a team of dedicated volunteers. Corporate underwriting, private foundations, and grant support are also vital to The Tallahassee Ballet. TTB receives continuous support from local businesses; national companies; and city, county, state, and federal grant programs. The Tallahassee Ballet relies on and values the resources of the FSU College of Music, the Florida State Opera, the FSU School of Dance, the FSU School of Theatre, and FAMU that contribute to our prosperity. Additionally, TTB is funded in part by the State of Florida, the Department of State, the Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.

The exceptional reputation of The Tallahassee Ballet is the product of the hard work of many individuals over the years who have given their talents and dedication to this wonderful organization.


Click here to learn more about our 50-year history.

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