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The Tallahassee Ballet is a regional, nonprofit dance company featuring a diverse repertory of classical and contemporary ballet performed by professional and emerging professional dancers. The Tallahassee Ballet strives to present quality ballet productions that stimulate the community’s appreciation of dance and cultural arts. The organization is run by a full-time Chief Executive Officer, a Development Director, support staff, and a team of dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a part of our dedicated team, please get in touch with our development director at


Currently, we are seeking the following:

Head Costume Designer for The Tallahassee Ballet Company

The company performs three to four productions yearly at local theaters: Opperman Music Hall, and Ruby Diamond Auditorium. The company utilizes customized costumes for these performances as well as various events throughout the year.

​The Head Costume Designer is responsible for the design and creation of new costumes for the company, as well as the care and maintenance of all costumes in the company’s repertoire. The Head Costume Designer works with the Artistic Director and choreographers to ensure the costumes fit the style and needs of each production or event and that they fit within the company’s budget. They are responsible for creating and maintaining deadlines and timelines so that costumes are ready for fittings and performances. They work with the costume staff and volunteers to delegate sewing tasks and a schedule for the completion of said tasks.

The Job Responsibilities are as follows:

  • Design and create new costumes for the Company, as well as care for and maintenance of all costumes in the Company’s repertoire

  • Delegate responsibility for certain jobs to other Costume Staff and Volunteers

  • Select all materials for the making of costumes and make sure the purchase of such items is within the boundaries of the annual costume budget determined by the governing Directors and Board of the ballet

  • Meet with the Artistic Director to set up a fitting schedule during Company rehearsal times

  • Oversee fitting of costumes for each performance and/or event of the ballet’s season

  • Meet costume completion deadlines for each performance and/or event of the ballet

  • Order any items needed to complete the costume, (ie. tights, leotards, trims, accessories, etc.) or delegate the ordering to Costume Staff or Volunteers

  • Create or find patterns for the desired look in the creation of the costume

  • Meet with the Artistic Director or Guest Choreographers to ascertain their vision of the desired costume for a particular piece or ballet

  • Design requested costumes by Artistic Director or Guest Choreographers (All designs for Guest Choreographers’ requests need the Artistic Director’s approval.)

  • Alter​s existing costumes as needed

  • Attend the Dancer/Parent Meeting before Theater Week to explain the dos and don’ts expected of each dancer while wearing costumes during a performance, such as no eating or drinking while in costume or in dressing rooms, wearing deodorant at all times, hanging up of costumes neatly after each wear, no nail polish, etc.

  • Coordinate pack up of all costumes and accessories for transporting costumes to the Theater for performances.

  • Oversees placement of the costumes for each dancer in the designated dressing room

  • Ensure the Costume Shop is set up and manned during Theater Week and during all performances

  • Watch rehearsals during tech weeks for needed adjustments to the costumes and communicate with dancers when they need to come to the costume shop and have repairs or adjustments made (It is suggested that several other costume staff be present to help watch the dancers for needed adjustments and to take notes.)

  • Oversee getting those repaired costumes back to the dressing room of each dancer or inform them to come to retrieve the costume after being repaired

  • Ensure that each dancer’s costume is returned to the Costume Shop after Theater Week

  • Oversee the packing of all costumes up to be delivered back to The Tallahassee Ballet facility

  • Ensure all costumes are laundered and returned to their assigned location in the Costume Shop

  • Service (or have serviced) sewing machines and sergers

  • Keep the Costume Shop neat and tidy and all costumes in designated areas

  • Create hours for the Costume Shop and communicate the schedule to the other Costume Staff, Volunteers, and the Artistic Director. (In the past, The Costume Shop has met Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 9pm and on Sundays from 2pm to 5:30 or 6pm. As well as any other called times for necessary work to meet a deadline. The Shop needs to be open for fittings during Company Rehearsal times.)


The job is part-time with a flexible schedule, the salary is based on experience. Please send your resume and references to


Board of Directors Members


The Tallahassee Ballet is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. To learn more about the opportunities and obligations, please reach out to our Board President at or call 850-224-6917.



The Tallahassee Ballet School is always looking for qualified, dedicated teachers. Please email Kara Griffen, education programming coordinator, at

or call 850-224-6917.

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