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Giving Day

Inaugural TTB Giving Day
April 13, 2023



Contributions can be made as a one-time gift or can be broken into recurring monthly payments. We thank you for your support.

Talent and Grit. Strength and Sweat. Dedication and Determination. 

These are a few attributes of the dancers and artists who create performances worthy of roses. This is only one side of the equation – we also rely on the commitment and support of our amazing community. 

This April 13th – one month before our 50th Anniversary Performance – will mark The Tallahassee Ballet’s first GIVING DAY. TTB dancers will reach out to the community to share the passion and dedication they feel for the company – and to ask for your continued support. Every dollar makes a difference! 

We’re hoping you’ll feel moved to play a part and make a donation as a part of The Tallahassee Ballet’s Giving Day! 

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