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Spring Break dance camps

Take advantage of days off from school
during Spring Break

Each day will include ballet class, exciting activities, and crafts all themed after the familiar favorites below. Enrollment in The Tallahassee Ballet School Camps is limited. Registration is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Early enrollment is encouraged.  



All classes/camps that do not meet the required minimum enrollment of six (6) dancers are subject to cancellation. Families enrolled at the time of cancellations will be presented with the option to transfer into another class/camp at the same level or receive a full refund of any previously posted tuition fees.


AGES: 4-7 years

TIME: 9am-noon  (30 minute grace-period for drop-off and pick-up)

These Spring Break camps for ages 4-7 (must be fully potty-trained), will have campers enchanted by the tale of Aurora who has been cursed by the evil Maleficent. It is up to Prince Philip and the Good Fairies to battle evil and save the princess from a spell breakable only through "true love's kiss." Dancers will be enchanted by music, ballet, games, crafts, and more all from this familiar favorite!

FULL SESSION: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri (March 11-15, 2024)  COST: $150

HALF SESSION (A): Mon, Tue, Wed (March 11-13, 2024). COST: $100

HALF SESSION (B): Wed, Thu, Fri (March 13-15, 2024)   COST: $100

To register, click the blue link below. If you have questions or concerns, please contact our school director Kara Griffin, at 850-224-6917 (ext. 23).

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